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tight legg's
My horse told by shoer.
Legg's front are getting stiff.
Does anyone know what this could be?[confused2
Oh i have been useing ligiment on legg's to.
Hard to tell from your description. If you are concerned you should have him looked at by a veterinarian.
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I'm assuming you mean liniment? Why are you using liniment & what kind? How old is the horse? What has been done with her/him? Did the farrier give you any more information? Have you seen any swelling? Has the horse's habits changed i.e. is she/he standing differently, not moving as much, laying down more?

As Hook a vet.
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Ditto please call a vet.

Farriers are not inclined to offer up advice unless:

1. They are asked point blank for that advice.

2. They see something very wrong that either the owner is not aware of or not paying attention to.

PLEASE call the vet[Smile]
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