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Shoes Off and Boots On!
12 weeks ago on December 11th, my farrier, Jeremy, pulled Joe's front shoes for the 1st time since he foundered. We'd tried before but Joe was just too tender and all last year I worried about him wobbling around on ice balls every time it snowed. Thank goodness it didn't snow that much last year. We made up for it this year though and not having to worry about ice balls was a huge relief.

Joe was ouchy enough at first that I put him on Bute for a few days but after the 2nd trim, he was galloping into the lot & across the large gravel.

Today was the 3rd trim and Jeremy asked if I wanted Joe's shoes put back on but I decided to wait till the next time. Jeremy trimmed then said that Joe's feet looked the best they had ever looked and suggested that I use boots instead of nailing shoes on! The crumbly toe that we'd tried and tried to grow out and never did was gone. He said the white line looks great and he saw no reason to pound nails through his hoof and damage it again.

We put the BOAs on that I've had for years and never used much and they fit perfectly! [Big Grin] Jeremy went on to say that he's recommended that several of his customers start using boots rather than shoes which I think says a lot about him. He did say that 10 years ago, he would have never suggested using boots.

I just hope the weather cooperates now so I can ride!

That is fantastic news!

I rehabbed my foundered horse using Boa boots, that I already had for him and never used. I love those boots but a heads-up that EasyCare has stopped making the Boas[Sad][Sad]

Joker wore his boots for nearly two years, every day in pasture for up to 11 hours every day. I put partial pads under his frogs to encourage blood flow.

Joker's founder was compounded by the well certified and very arrogant re-hab farrier who cut his heels to short in one strike. That resulted in torn ligaments. I paid for ultrasounds to prove that.

It was a long long haul rehabbing him but in February this year, he indicated he did not need the boots, so I took them off.

I had tears of joy watching him hot-foot down thru the paddock into the pasture. I can imagine you experienced the same tears of joy and lump in your throat with Joe.

Joker still wears a muzzle and still takes meds for his insulin. He hates that muzzle but every time I think I want to cow down, I look at the founder video, then I look at the video I took of him this February and the muzzle goes on.

It is mowing time where I live, that means lush spring grass abounds in the pasture. Joker is doing great, so far.

Here's to your Joe also doing great and getting thru spring grass without issue.

I have two metabolic horses but Joker is the pits to control his insulin. Spring has become a two-edged sword for me[B)][B)]

You are right about how I felt! Such a relief!

Joe hates his muzzle too and I hate putting it on him. He looks SO pitiful. In fact, the last time I put it on him, he walked out into the pasture then turned around and came back to me, lowered his head in front of me and PULLEASE take it off. I did but he stayed in the dry lot all summer.
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That's good news! Unless a horse is trail ridden pretty often, I think there is no need for shoes. I have used boots on Warsong for many years now. And so far, I've not had to use anything at all on Butterbrickle. Not that she ever gets out much, though!


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