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Brown County Horse Camp Culvert Washed Out
Hope nobody has immediate plans to go to the electric Horsemens Camp at Brown County anytime real soon. Apparently the road is washed out. Only the primitive campground and the day-ride area are open right now. Here is an email from Doug Baird, the Property Manager, to Yvette Rollins of the ITRA:

Hi Yvette,

Your sources of information are almost ahead of us in knowing what’s going on around here. I’m glad you called because I needed to get the word out and I know you have the contacts to do it.

The culverts under the road between the gatehouse and the log shelter were again undermined by floodwater, as they also were a few years ago. I contacted INDOT about the problem shortly after it happened for their help in getting it repaired because our roads are technically their responsibility. They were delayed in coming to look at the problem as they had highway culverts that also washed out at the same time, plus they’ve been covered up dealing with this winter’s weather. When they were able to get here, they determined that there’s no repairing of the existing culverts and that they’ll have to be replaced. They also said that we should close the road because it might give away from the weight of a heavy rig.

I’m waiting right now for INDOT to provide me with exactly what size culverts and what other materials will be needed so I can get stuff bought as quickly as I can. INDOT will do the work to tear out the old culverts and install the new ones. We want to get this done as soon as possible, before the Horse Camp starts getting busy, but I can’t give you a date yet when that will be.

In the meantime, the day-rider area and primitive campsites are the only parts of camp accessible through the Horse Camp entrance off SR 135. The electric sites are unavailable at this time. If you would, please get the word out through your channels so the horse folks will know not to come camping at Brown County for a while yet. I’ll keep you posted as progress is made on getting the culverts replaced and the road reopened.

Thanks, Yvette.

I think it is important to get the word out, so that people don't make reservations and then not find out until they arrive, that they can't get to their campsites! Thanks, Harv!


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