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Saddle Hunt
This spring I am going to start looking for a new saddle in the cheaper range. I love the deep seats of some westerns and my comfort saddle is everything I want in a saddle for me but pinches the withers in every horse I rode in it from arabians to my gypsy. It looks like an english with a deep seat, no skirting , english leathers and stirrups, and no horn. Want something similar but that will fit a gypsy pony and my clydesdale (who is a bit narrower than my gypsy). They are both young so will be going through lots of body changes.Any thoughts?[cornfused
for me deep sits are most comfortable.
You might look at various endurance saddles or English "trail" saddles for something with no horn, minimal skirting, but still a deep seat.

Do you happen to have a picture of the saddle? I would love to help you find a new saddle! I am a sales expert at Horse Saddle Shop! We also have templates online that help see what size tree fits your horse best.
Rachael, Sales Expert @

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