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Neat Idea for Feeding Hay
My horses are fed in their stalls before and after turnout. They always have access to the paddock so they are not confined. BUT there is a hot wire dividing the paddock because Dylan is a PIG and lives to eat. Dani, on the other hand, is always very alert and checking out everything that moves (as in deer) and eats to live. They each have a slow feed hay net in their stall. Sometimes Dani doesn't empty hers. Dylan always does. If they had to share a feeder Dylan would be obese and Dani would lose weight. But I do love the slow feed nets.
This is from Cinch Chix Hay Nets! I'm not sure how you get the round bale in the net nor what happens as the hay is eaten and the net collapses on the ground BUT at first glance, this looks like a good idea:

[Image: 1460311_578795028860439_1345409147_n.jpg]
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