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EX or FQHB wide gullet 7.5 to 9 inch 15" Saddle
We need a light weight, synthetic is ok iwth a leather seat or synth suede seat for a horse just returnng to light duty after a tendon injury. one year of him in pony prison hs made both of us fat and hm a bit onery.. so we do a lot of handwalking until my knees give out. the i need to find a tall stump to mount so a horn is ok or not but the carry slot is a must for endurance or westerns.

so i need a short skirt 24 inch max
tucker style. barrel is ok if the skirt is ROUND, ditto with western

Wide Tree for the gullet and halfinger bars would be great but FQHB with is ok too. Never used an arabian on a flat mutton wither before but i am told the original cordura by Abetta and the working arabian by simco might fit that fat 'flinger.
15or 16 inch western or 17 or 18 inch aussie. no english i'd break my old fool neck in on of those.

Wide or extra wide tree with draft tree on aussie style.

used but not too abused. can have some hard wear as long as teh tree is not damaged and there are no major rips, tears, burns or cracks.

under 25# please.

email me if you have a saddle you would like to sell that fits these measurements please.


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