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Added Proof...
That Sal is a German Shepherd/Boxer mix [Smile].

A local paper we get has a pet-for-adoption in it once in awhile. This time the featured pet is a one year old German Shepherd/Boxer mix named--are you ready for this?--Sally! The pic is just a head shot, but the black eye-liner, head-shape, and eyes are very close to Sal's. The only difference is Sally's ears are standing up and Sal's are down. There's now denying it now that our Sal is definitely a Boxer/German Shepherd mix.

For those who don't know: I found Sal abandoned at Salamonie State Forest almost three years ago. She's now a pampered farm dog and very much part of our family. We love her to pieces.
Cool to know, huh?

Asked my vet about doing those DNA samples to check the breed; she wasn't impressed, says they throw about every breed in there and not very specific. I figure one of my shelter dogs is from the pest breed line....[Big Grin]
Lucky for you, this is a cool and uncommon breed. The German Shepherd and the Boxer are both reliable working dogs, as well as popular family pets. This mix combines the Boxer and the German Shepherd, to create the German Shepherd Boxer mix, also known as the Boxer Shepherd. This highly intelligent mixed breed pup has become increasingly popular as a designer dog, and as a mix that’s adopted out from shelters.He is energetic, intelligent, intense, and stubborn, to name just a few traits of his.
The German Shepherd breed is one of the most popular and intelligent dog breeds. It hailed from Germany and was trained to herd cattle. The breed is known for its wit and loyalty, and because of these, it has become a notable part of most police forces around the world. German Shepherd dogs are also employed in the military, in sniffing out bombs and enemies and in fighting insurgents in the battlefield.
Meanwhile, the Boxer is a heavily-built dog bred mainly for hunting. It is also from Germany and is known for its true nature. Despite its tough exterior, Boxers are very lovable and will seldom start any fights. It is also brilliant and is also used as service dogs, guard dogs, and police dogs.
With this fantastic combination, your Boxer German Shepherd puppy could grow up to become a police dog, service dog or a guard dog. As long as you provide the best nutrition, care, and support, your dog will grow up to be happy, obedient and contented pet. perfectly helps to gain more likes and views on Youtube.

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