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Cisco: Then & Now
Its been just over 1 year since I bought Cisco. At the time he was scrawny, knit and flea ridden, rain rot name it.
But he has made leaps and bounds! I'm so proud of my little guy [Big Grin]

These were from Dec. 2010 - May. 2011
[Image: 100_7361.jpg]
[Image: 100_7493-1.jpg]
[Image: email.jpg]
[Image: 100_7554.jpg]
[Image: 100_8401.jpg]

These are from Jan. 2012 to just a week ago.
[Image: DSC_2125-1.jpg]
[Image: DSC_2534.jpg]
[Image: DSC_2608.jpg]

He's such a tough little bird! When you're around him it's hard to believe he's 7. You'd think he was only 3! lol

[Image: befraftr.jpg]
WOW!! What a difference TLC makes. Cisco is gorgeous and is lucky you saw his potential.
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Its amazing how different he looks! I ran across one of his old pictures when looking for another one of him and just went, "whoah..." even his color changed!! He's not orange anymore [Wink]
Honestly when I first saw him I thought, "Oh Lord, please don't let that be him!" but it was and I'm glad I said yes now. He's a sweetheart.
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