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Remedies for flakey skin and scurfy mane
Bones, I get most of my essential oils at our local health food store. Since it is a little store in a small town, and carries a limited inventory, I have to either go to a large health food store in the city or order things over the internet.

Our store doesn't carry any herbal tintures or extracts. Those I order from a small herb company in Ontario. I can give you the link if you want but I think you are better off ordering from the US. The prices are probably cheaper and you don't have to worry about customs. If I remember correctly from my many searches for various herbs, there are a couple companies based in California.
Thanks Mrs. Hook and all. I spoke to my vet the other day and she thought the oils were a good idea. Her take: aging, changing hormones with the mare may play a part with the immune system and the skin. She is also suggesting 1 cup of ground flax seed.
Flax is good stuff. Be aware though, that as soon as it is ground it starts going rancid. You can buy stabilized flax that has been treated with preservatives or you can buy whole flax seed (much cheaper) get a little coffee grinder and grind it fresh - or do as I do and feed it whole. If you google it you will find various arguments for whole vs ground.

Also, as with anything new make sure you introduce it gradually over a couple week period. I know you know this but someone else reading may not, so it never hurts to repeat stuff.
Hi, I'll second the flax, E, diet and getting your hay tested. Going on six years now, with a C/IR pony and an IR mini. Spirulina seems to work wonders for the itchies! I got mine at "Nuts Online". None of mine worried about any of the minerals or vitamins I added, and I took away all the commerical supplements, but I did have to introduce the spirulina slowly. It's strong, and smells a bit! Hope that helps, good luck!
Anyone else feed pumpkin seeds? We do that long with flax.... roast them a little, and grind them up for the horses. (After eating a bunch of them of course.)
"There is something about the outside of a horse...that is good for the inside of a man." ~Winston Churchill~

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