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Joe's Laminitis Pic & Update
I still can't believe that I didn't see how horribly fat Joe had gotten. I knew he was heavy but just didn't realize how heavy. I stretched the weight tape around him and he was well over 1300lbs and I'm guessing close to 1400. Up until this past year, I had always kept him up in a dry lot during the spring & summer.

I cringe to show this pic but in the hopes that others might recognize how fat their horse is. This was taken July 7th after several days of being on his diet:

[Image: 2011-07-07_18-47-26_522.jpg]

Both Jeremy & Doc Bill kept telling me the laminitis wasn't that bad but to know he was in such pain broke my heart.

Here he is on July 22nd:

[Image: 2011-07-22_18-25-23_171.jpg]

He's trimmed down a little bit but you can see that his sheath is still swollen. He's in a lot that they hadn't been on at all during the spring & summer because it needed a section of fence replaced. We mowed it twice with the tractor then I hit it with the zero turn before turning him in. Even then, I'd leave only leave him in an hour or so before taking him back out. It didn't take long for him & the donks to make it a "dry lot".

8-10 photo (in the same lot as the July pic!):

[Image: 2011-08-10_17-33-18_997.jpg]

Still losing weight and walking better. His sheath isn't as swollen either. I've got the weights written on the calendar at the barn but I think he was close to 1300.

Sept. 30:

[Image: 2011-09-30_09-01-41_508.jpg]

Betty kept him on his diet while we were gone in Sept and he was down to about 1235 or so. After we got back, he got to wear his grazing muzzle and could hang out in the pasture for several hours a day. I think moving around like he did helped him.

1-5 pic:

[Image: 2012-01-05_16-33-52_842.jpg]

I'm not sure how accurate the weight tape really is but according to it, he's lost another 25lbs. So he's real close to 1200 now. I think he's lost over 200lbs since it happened.

One more...this was after our ride on the 8th:

[Image: 2012-01-08_16-24-24_220.jpg]

He is sound now and Jeremy (farrier) is happy with the way his hooves are progressing. I've ridden several times for 45 minutes to an hour just around the farm, across the road, up the hill, through the woods, over logs & on gravel and he's been fine. We've even trotted & cantered a little and he side passes both ways. Jeremy wanted to keep shoes on him this winter and so far that's not been an issue since we haven't had any snow.

He's on Essential K and Platinum Performance & probably averages 3-4 flakes of hay/day. There is no way I'll ever let him get anywhere near that size again.
Good job Karen. I am glad you caught him in time and that he is back in working shape. Joe is sure a nice looking fellow.

I like this one. He looks much healthier and happier.

[Image: 2012-01-05_16-33-52_842.jpg]

Hook(ed)......on Horses

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He does look great! I'm hoping this means we will be riding together sometime this next summer or fall!

Joe is looking good. Sometimes we over love our kids and feed them too much. It's hard to resist those big, brown eyes sometimes and not offer them more food!

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He looks great in that last picture! I'm glad he's feeling better [Smile]
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[Image: 2012-01-05_16-33-52_842.jpg]

Joe looks great!
I'd love to show his "heavy" pics to someone at our barn....but we've not been able to get through to her yet.

It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years.
Karen-Anchorage, Alaska
Originally posted by killybean907

Joe looks great!
I'd love to show his "heavy" pics to someone at our barn....but we've not been able to get through to her yet.

Ditto that Joe looks great.

Killybean, you won't get thru to the lady until her horse founders and she asks "why??"

I have two metabolic horses. Amazingly the 24 yr old has never had a laminitic issue.

The 17 yr old is on his second bout of sub-clinical laminitis because I didn't get the muzzles on in time. Hard to imagine that we had enough new green pasture the first week of March that he came in hoof-sore. Believe me, they're both in grazing muzzles since March 7th.

It's amazing the different metabolic tolerances these two horses exhibit and they eat identically.

Anyway, 98% of folks don't listen because this like anything else in life---------------------> "it can't happen to me, my horse just needs to lose a little bit of weight." (nervous laugh inserted here)
The weight sneaks up. I KNEW Joe was over weight but didn't realize just how heavy he really was until I compared the pics. I still feel awful that I let him get so fat.

Killy> feel free to show your friend the pics. I posted them in the hopes that someone would recognize their horse before a lamitis attack.

Other symptoms that have cleared up since Joe has lost weight:

1. His shealth is no longer swollen.
2. He is not nearly as itchy.
3. He is not rubbing his butt so his tail is filling back in. He had pretty much rubbed the hair off the sides near at the top of his tail.

Karen ~ Trails  
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Thanks PG and WITW for both your posts. Yes, she is in denial, and even when she was out for 8 weeks due to a bad ankle break and saw what a "healthy" weight looked like on her mare...she went right back to "supplementing" her til she's right back up again. Mare is only 8 years old...and LOVE=FOOD with this woman [Sad]

Worse still, she doesn't do anything with this horse beyond a little bit of ground word EVER, so there is no healthy muscling and no getting the heart rate up with some medium trot work and never any loping. Horse will lope briefly if you chase her in the large arena for turnout, but the most this poor horse gets is a slow jog around on a line for 10 minutes a day.

I will persist! [Sad!]

It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years.
Karen-Anchorage, Alaska

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