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I would like to hear about everyones favorite remedies for common problems our horses manage to get. Scratches, rain rot, thrush, etc......
I like Schriner,s herbal solution for everyday wounds but when it is not available ( such as bottle drained out on floor, don't ask LOL) what would you use?
Shreiner's is my fist choice. I also like Nolvasan ointment. A good substitute is sugardine--a mix of sugar and iodine in a paste. I learned that from a farrier at the Equine Affaire years ago. Well Horse is great stuff too. Fortunately I don't have many opportunities to use any of it.
Mane and Tail medicated spray was Cisco's saving grace last year when I got him. That stuff killed off all the rain rot, fleas and lice that poor guy had and it didn't force me to bathe him like I had to with Sunny.
When my family first got Sunny his hair was falling out in patches and it was December. January and February are the coldest months for us here in AL so we had to clean up his rain rot FAST. So one evening, we bowled cedar limbs (with the leafs) and sponged the water on him. Within 2 days he had new hair growing back and by the time January rolled around, he was fully healed.
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My latest home rememedy concerned my dog; she had a hot spot on her back she was biting at, and after using other things made specifically for that (which didn't work), I tried straight cider vinegar. Worked like a dream! The skin looks good, and apparently no longer itches. I would not hesitate to try it on a horse or human.

My very favorite remedy is Lavender Essential Oil. It smells nice and can be used for pretty much anything. It is the only essential oil than you can use undiluted.

It can be put on open wounds, rubbed on hurts and strains, it helps calm. It can be used in cleaning, it has germ killing properties, and it repels moths and insects. Love the stuff.

So in answer to Beth original post I would use the Lavender Oil for all of those and pretty much anything else the horse came up with.

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