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I may have misinterpreted something, but one thing to remember is not all equine diseases are transmitted solely horse-to-horse. West Nile still scares me. A friend of mine lost two broodmares to WN. He didn't vaccinate because his horses never left the property. That works fine until you have something like WN that's carried by mosquitoes. Of course vaccines will vary depending on where you live, and I just happen to be near Ft. Wayne IN which is very well known for WN.

Thought I'd also add that if you take your horses off your property for any reason you run the risk of meeting someone with a horse you know nothing about medically. You might think you're safe, but there's always that first time.

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Hi Red Hawk, you are absolutely right that not all diseases are carried from horse to horse. Mannie has been vaccinated several years for WN and that's why I was thinking he would still have immunity to it. See that's the grey area and that's where they catch you because what if he isn't immune.

Thanks for all the input. I think I have some more thinking to do!!
I'm late getting into this. We have stopped or cut down vaccinations a lot in the past 8 to 10 years.

I don't vaccinate for anything now other than tetanus and rabies, and those I do every three years. Those are the two biggies that I can't deal with if the horse gets them. I work hard at keeping their immune systems in top shape, they have immunity from the previous shots, and I figure I can deal with anything else that develops.

I think our horses are healthier now than when they were getting yearly injections. As most of you know I have a very strong leaning toward natural things. I do not get any vaccinations and as long as I keep garbage out of my diet and life, and keep my immune system strong I don't pick up any of the stuff that is going around.

I was reading an article the other day about a young cat that had all its normal shots. The cat developed this weird psychotic behavior. After all else failed it was taken to a holistic vet and was diagnosed with reactions to too many rabies vaccinations. There is also lots written about children's vaccinations causing autism. So, that is another reason to be very cautious with doing vaccinations.
My boys are vaccinated for tetanus, west nile, rabies and rhino. They are at a horse show at least 3-4 times a month between April and September and then trail riding more than that, usually with a big group of horses who typically are NOT vaccinated. The only problem we've ever had was last year with Cisco. It was his first time ever getting vaccinations and he was really sore the next day from the tetanus and rabies. West Nile scares me too, especially since I live in the humid south and we have those pesky little blood suckers almost year round. I caught one buzzing around Blue's ears last week and its January! :/ Every spring we load up the boys and head into the vet's office and he looooves seeing us coming because we usually leave $300 poorer and him $300 richer! (we also get coggins tests. have to have 'em to show)
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Uh, Mrs. Hook, any suggestions on boosting HUMAN immunity? I am on my second cold within 2 months, and am quite tired of feeling bad. I'd say this IS horse-related, because in order to take care of our animals, we have to be well enough to do it...

First lets think of our immune system as a container, that is constantly in a state of ebbing and flowing. When it is full we feel good and no bugs can survive, when it gets down we start picking up things. The closer it gets to empty the sicker we get and the harder it is to get rid of things.

So, we start by eliminating stuff that depletes our reserves. Things like processed and chemicalized food, cleaning chemicals and air sprays, and soaps and shampoos. Artificial sweeteners are a real drag on our immune systems. Also, reduce salt and sugar intake. Because we are always in contact with chemicals in our daily lives, make a point of drinking toxin eliminating teas occasionally. You can buy them in the health food stores and they are a mix of herbs designed specifically for this. You can also drink Red clover tea and Alfalfa tea. Both are good at decreasing toxin levels in your body but also good at strengthening your immune system as well. Stinging nettle tea is also a good one, it acts as a blood purifier and I really like the taste of it.

The above was ways to stop the loss of the contents of our container. In order to fill it up and keep it full, take a good multi vitamin with minerals, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. If you feel a cold coming on you can take Vitamin C to bowel tolerance, then just back it off a bit. You can't overdose on it. Probiotic capsules are really important. They provide lots and lots of good bacteria in your gut and that keeps everything topped up and healthy. You can also buy prepared formulas that are specifically designed to boost your immune system. Garlic is a super thing. You can take desmelled garlic capsules but really the best is chop up raw garlic, mix it with something and eat it. Works but you smell really bad. Smile Onions are another food that strengthens the immune system.

Now if I feel like I am getting something, there are two things I reach for. One is Oil of Oregano - that stuff works wonders on so many things. It is anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti biotic, anti viral. Tastes bad, but 2 or 3 drops every hour will normally stop things quickly. Grapefruit seed extract is along the same lines, it kills bacteria, so I will sometimes take it alternate times with the Oregano. Goldenseal is a strong herbal antibiotic and I will take it together with Echinacea for a cold. Another amazing product is Propolis. This is what the honey bees use to kill bacteria in their hives. It is a black tar type product. You can mix it with honey and suck on a spoon full. This works really well for sore throats.

EZ, my suggestion would be try to elimate as many toxins from your life as you can, drink alfalfa, clover and stinging nettle tea a couple times a week. Take a good multi vitamin/mineral supplement and get some probiotic capsules. Add extra vitamin C and D because we are in the middle of winter. Add garlic if you want, I don't because I don't like garlic. Get a bottle of Oil of Oregano and take 2 to 3 drops 3 times a day. (A secret is put orange juice in a glass, get a spoon of orange juice, drop your oregano in the spoon, put it in your mouth and chase it down with the oj. If you keep your tongue out of the way you don't even taste it. Ed doesn't mind the taste and just puts it in his mouth under his tongue.) If you are in the middle of a cold and are feeling awful get a bottle of Goldenseal capsules and a bottle of Echinacea capsules. Take them at the same time according to the label instructions. Goldenseal acts as an antibiotic and Echinacea supports and strengthens the immune system. You can stop the goldenseal and Echinacea when you start feeling better, but continue on with the Oregano for a couple weeks.

Note: Oil of Oregano works really well with horses and they actually like the taste. A horse dose is 6 drops. I put their grain in their dish and add the Oregano on top. You can also mix it with olive oil and apply topically.
Mrs. Hook - I am very strongly in favor of the worth of human vaccinations so please forgive me if you feel I am laying into you too much.

The medical profession has overwhelmingly come down on the side of vaccinations NOT causing autism. The original paper that first suggested a link years ago has been shown to be a fraud and the journal it appeared in has disavowed all endorsement of its conclusions.

Please do not use this old fraudulent research paper to be used to infer that there is still some question as to a link between autism and vaccination.

There are many reasons to like and even prefer natural remedies and treatments but all the science says that a fear of autism caused by vaccination is not one of them.
Thanks, Mrs. Hook, I will look for these things; a few might be a little hard to find in our area, but surely I can come up with some of them!


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