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Back Under Saddle!
Joe is weighing under 1200lbs now and seems to be feeling really good now. He was just reset on Monday and Jeremy says his hooves are coming along well. The damaged hoof growing out now and is about an inch down from the coronary band.

Since we've been home from our trip, I've been putting his muzzle on & turning him out during the day. Hubby calls him Hannibal Lector! [:I] He's been trotting & cantering to the barn when it's supper time and looks sound so I decided to saddle up and ride him.

We did a 30 minute walk through the woods on Wednesday and today did an hour around the farm with a couple of short trots along the way. I didn't feel any difference in his gait! [Big Grin]
Wonderful!!! Hope that means we will be seeing you on the trails again!

Great news! What a relief for you...and Joe too. Having a sick horse is no fun.
Yee HAA!!!!!! We shall ride again!! I go to the dr this week too see if the bone has healed so should be cleared soon to ride, lick creek here we come!!
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That is great news. Give Joe a hug for me.

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