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"Quitt" suppliment by Farnum
I was picking up wormers at TSC when I noticed a suppliment I've never heard of for wood chewers. Guaranteed to work or your money back. The cost was about $23 for a 30 day supply and said you should see results in 7 days. It's called "Quitt" and put out by Farnum.

Has anyone tried this or heard anything about it? I have the champion wood chewer of all time in my barn, which is why I'm curious about it.

I'll put my ex-wood chewer up against yours - lollol

I have never heard of this product but wanted to comment, that I had switched all my horses to EquiPride vit/min/pre-probiotic supplement when I heard it was great for metabolic horses.

The ex-wood chewer is not the metabolic horse; he's been eating EquiPride for about 3 years. It occurred to me one day that he'd quit trying to eat the barn and the overhang down.

I took all my horses off grain and put them on the EquiPride to keep my feeding life simple.

That was when I found out this horse is also oat/corn/soy intolerant. The wood chewing had to have been connected either to his food allergies or there is something in the EquiPride that leveled out his digestive system to where he no longer felt the need to chew wood. He has always had the run-in stall so being shut in wasn't the cause either.

He is STILL a very oral horse - so oral he's not allowed to have a heated water bucket and his fan sits on cabinet where he can't reach it. I have to turn snaps away from him and he pulled the senior horse's grazing muzzle off right in front of my nose the other day.

Point-being, I would think he'd still chew wood "just because" but, with him, there must've been some sort of mineral need that got satisfied when I either took away the grains and/or added the EquiPride.

Because he is such an oral horse, I never thought the wood chewing was anything but a habit but it must've been.

Just thought I'd throw that in to further confuse things - lollol
RH, I've heard this is a good product, the situation you have, where your wood-chewer is on a pelleted feed and can't have hay, I kind of doubt if it have much effect.

If you don't mind spending $23 to experiement, though, what can it hurt?


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