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2012 Get Together
I hate to hear that about MTR! It is a gem and I sure hope it doesn't fold because of the economy. At least gas prices seem to be dropping so hopefully that will help. The food there was such a treat and I'm really sorry it's not anymore. What a bummer!

I hated to miss riding and visiting with you & RH and the rest of the DE crew. I keep remember that ride when the Hooks & Flooper and a bunch of us got there. What fun that was!

I'm glad you & RH got to ride though....gosh I miss MTR and riding there! I've just GOT to get back there sometime this year.
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Guess I don't have much to add since EZ covered everything so well. Just wanted to add that MTR will not be ordering any more saddles to sell. They had maybe 4 or 5 left, and that was all! They said they had to cut down on their inventory because of the economy.

I was surprised how green everything was down there. Don't get me wrong. It was dry, but nothing like up in central and northern IN. I'd say 80% to 90% of the grass around here is brown. Even the cornfields are curling up during the day to try and retain moisture. I sure hope we get a good drenching rain sometime soon, 'cause we're in a severe drought right now.

Anyway, about the only water to be had was the stock tank at Hickory Ridge, though Kim said it was perfectly safe to let horses drink out of the ponds that are spaced along the trails.

I'd just like to echo that we truly missed the comradery of when more DE'ers have joined us in the past. When you ride a place on a regular basis, it's definitely the people that makes the ride a pleasure to recall for years to come.

I did take some pics... not many, but some. I'll see if I can get them up in a day or two. I didn't take very many since this wasn't more than another trip to MTR, and pics from there have been posted a gazillion times.
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I just wanted to give an update on our riding. That was my first time there and it was truly amazing. I really didn't know what to expect but had a wonderful time. It did remind me a lot of Brown County but without all the people. I definitely would like to get back there. I just wish we could have ridden more but without much water out there, we didn't want to make an all day trip for the horse's sake. I do thank who ever sets these events up as it is a wonderful way to meet new people and have a wonderful time exploring the new surroundings! I did take my camera but pics just don't do the sites justice so I really didn't get many pics. Too busy looking around I guess.
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It turned out I had met Durt last fall at Tippecanoe State Park! I was talking about seeing a woman riding there with a little dog in a box that hung from her saddle, and Durt said, "That was me!" Small world, isn't it?

Some of you that are members of the ITRA have probably heard there was a horse lost in the Hoosier National Forest that weekend, and they STILL have not found her! The saddle slipped over sideways, dumping the rider, and the horse took off. I feel so sorry for the horse and the owner!

Hey did anyone ever hear if they found the horse that was loose at MTR?
Remember where you've been,
enjoy today,
look forward to the future.
As far as I know, the horse has not been found.

So sad!!
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I heard today that the horse was found this morning. Apparently, it had been in somebody's pasture for the last 2 weeks. That's all I know, though some friends were wondering today why the guy who owned the pasture didn't happen to notice he had a horse in it...well, I hope the horse is back home by now. This certainly is a relief; I'd been afraid she'd died out there.


good post!

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