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Shrinking Joe!
YUP! Joe is shrinking. [Big Grin] I think he's lost somewhere around 100lbs since his diet began on June 29th. He has withers and flanks now! He seems to be feeling good and appears to be sound but he's got pads over a gel "caulking" and his shoes. He has cantered and trotted some on his own a few times but I've not ridden him.

I can feel ribs now and even see the outline of the short ribs if the light is right. [^] Sheath is normal and he doesn't seem as itchy as he was. He's getting some grazing time with his muzzle on some days and a couple of flakes of hay/day along with his Essential K & Platinum Performance.

I think we dodged a bullet but I still feel bad that I let my boy get so fat. I've got a pic of him from July 3rd that I might share (it's embarrassing to admit that I just didn't see how obese he was)!
Let me know when you are ready to ride miss you and Joe!
Great on the weight lose, I think I need a grazing muzzle LOL !!
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Sounds like good progress is being made! Honestly, I think it is just human nature to not do anything about a situation until something bad happens. There's always that feeling that it is okay to let something go on a while longer! That's how I am, anyway.

Looking forward to riding with you! Maybe next year we can get the DE ride going again!

Good news on Joe. Glad to see he has finally seen the light. [Big Grin] Looks like things are under control now and Joe is getting used to the routine.

Before and after pictures would be nice.

Here are a couple from the 2008 DE ride.

[Image: IMG_3879.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3881.jpg]
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