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my horse was hit by indirect lightning and lived
Has anyone's horse been hit by lightning and not only survived but was rideable again? My horse was hit indirectly and looking for help from others on how to help him, just hear your stories, and anything else that pertains to this subject. Thank you very much!
Wow. Glad your horse is a survivor. Tell us a bit more about the problems that he is having since the strike and perhaps we can help. What does the vet say?
Hook(ed)......on Horses

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Yikes!!! Like Hook, I can't help you, but I am sure glad your horse lived through this experience! Did he have shoes on? I've heard that unshod horses will sometimes be able to survive a lightning strike, but not shod ones. Hope he gets over whatever problems this has caused!

Heard the story that the sire of my old horse, who passed on a few years ago, was struck by lightening and survived. They continued to show him in "Walk-Trot" classes. Couldn't lope him anymore as I am guessing he had a slight limp. So glad your horse survived! I am also interested in hearing what your vet says.
I have never heard of a horse that survived lightning. How is your horse doing?

Gee that sounds really scary, how is he doing?
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I just posted a good bit and evidently I wasn't logged in so it was all lost. If you are interested please go to Horse forum and under health I have our story from when it happened until now with some pictures. Sorry I just couldn't write all that again. I got on this forum because I want to look at purchasing another crates 2171 for our new horse we purchased for my hubby just 3 days before Dillon got hit. We have been using my saddle on her but hopefully we will need another in the spring...oh so hope I will be able to ride the trails with him again!

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