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Tex Tan Eminence For Sale
I have a Tex Tax eminence 17 1/2 seat Tex Flex tree. It has been used very little, for two reasons. My horse "Dollar" does not like the flex tree. And I am in and out of the hospital. I am disabled but still can ride. I did send Chuck a PM to get his opinion on having them sell it on consignment, and putting the new one with a Equi Tex tree on lay away. One saddle expert said the flex tree had it place but was not for a person my size and there are some horses that just don't like them. I am 6'4" 205 pounds.

Hi, again. I have been looking at the new Fabtron saddles you have. Does Chuck or any one have an opinion of these saddles for a little bit lighter weight. I was looking at the Kotula by Tex Tan also. Thanks for any advice.

HI there,
I have actually owned Tex tan saddle before. They're great saddles but they can be pretty heavy. hope you're doing better now. I dont know much about the new Fabtrons. their price range is pretty average from $400's to $600 i've seen online. They're sold on amazon as well.
Did you purchase one?
If you're not looking to spend to much for now b/c i was pretty much in the same situation not too long ago, then you should be able to find saddles on <see FAQ>. I bought my saddle just last week on <see FAQ>. The saddle is amazing. The leather quality is great. Its a trail riding flex-tree saddle. I got it for about $425 shipping included. So far no complaints with it.

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If you're looking for a saddle, check out what Chuck has at the Horse Saddle Shop. You can't beat the customer service there and his prices are as low as you'll find anywhere.
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