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stumbling horse UPDATE9-8-11
I have her here but only have one acre fenced in for 3 horses and we don't have a barn just a lean-to. I am also poor and the economy being what it is I now do their feet myself, feed round bales and grain only the riding horse.
I work for a vet so understand the dying isn't always pretty thing.
Gotone will tear anything you put on her face off, and even if I could get her to leave something alone such as a halter, it will leave sores on her within 24 hours.
So you see I have thought about alot of this and even if I had money alot of things just wouldn't be possible with my pasture and the circumstances.
Thank you for all the info though and hopefully I never need it with anybody else.
I have been watching her mossy around the pasture following the others and wiishing I knew what to do. If someone wanted a pretty pasture pet she would be great, but there is to many free or really cheap riding horses for someone to want a horse that they might have to put money in and that can't be rode.
BethAnn Stewart

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