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stumbling horse UPDATE9-8-11
I rode Gotone today and it seemed like she was tripping over her own rear feet and occasionally in the front.She was trimmed about a month ago and her feet looked great when we took off.We did about 6 miles, mostly walk ,some trotting and some cantering. When I got off her rear hooves were rubbed , inside ,near the top and slightly across the front of one. Her front hooves also showed some mild rubbing on the inside near the top.She is 7 years old and has never done this before.I have rode her several times since her accident last year so this concerns me greatly![cornfusedAny advice or opinions would be appriciated![confused2
You really don't want to hear this - but I would have her checked for EPM.
I guess a call to the vet tomorrow is in order.I started crying when I looked online and saw more than one symptom that matched as I am sure I cannot afford the treatment.I think I shall take an extra anti-depressant to keep it together till I talk to the vet.It would be my luck to loose the most important friend I have to something like this.Yes I know it might also be something resulting from her previous injury or because she is actually a little overweight.Let's all cross our fingers and send healing vibes for the crazy roan mare to not have this problem!
BethAnn Stewart

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Beth don't worry yourself sick, It may not be the problem at all.
You also do not have to do the expensive treatment. You can use the old treatment that is way way less money.

I can give you the name of a pharmacist - I think she is Indiana as well - that has had a few horse with EPM and she treats all of them with the old treatment and has much better luck than using the new stuff.



Take a deep breath and don't panic. If it is EPM, like Hook said, there are alternative ways to treat it.
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Healing vibes being sent for Gotone and hopes that it isn't EPM.

Try not to worry yourself sick and think positive thoughts! Keep us updated. Now, go out and hug your wonderful friend, she will help you be strong and bring you back to center. [^]
When you talk about "rubbing", what exactly do you mean? I was confused about this.

Definitely, though, if this is something she has never done before, you need to have her checked out. It could be due to any number of things; EPM, as has been mentioned, a muscle strain or sprain somewhere, or even the saddle putting too much pressure somewhere.

But I sure do know how hard it is to NOT imagine the worst!

I talked to PG and she had her usual calming on me! I also went out and played with the sh__head while I was trying to scrub the water trough.Nothing wrong with her sense of humor! Did give her and the other mare their yearly VX which they so appriciated, the apples afterwards made it all better! Went shopping for college stuff (with no money or credit cards). That gave me something else to think about.Prices went way up in the last 20 years!
Mrs Hook if the worse is true I will be getting with you to get those #s ,thank you!
BethAnn Stewart

Lovie-gypsy vanner
Lad- Clydesdale

Do not take up the warpath without a just cause and honest purpose. Pushmataha-Choctow leader
Sending only positive thoughts and good vibes for your girl. May everything go the best way possible for her!
South West Illinois

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Beth, try not to worry yourself so much over this, as it may only be something minor such as muscle strain or perhaps Gotone needs a chiro adjustment or something. I know that I am a worryer, too, and I always jump to the worst possible conclusion. Positive thoughts and vibes being sent your way.

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