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Western Saddle Pad Crochet Pattern
Hey Guys,
So lately I have been knitting/crocheting a lot. I am currently crocheting fly nets. I want to crochet a western saddle pad next. If you know where i can get a FREE pattern, please tell me. I am also ok with an english one, since I want to make one of those sometime because I ride both english and western. I cant buy anything, so thank you for giving me free patterns/websites. And if you can think of anything else for me to knit or crochet, thank you!
There is a woman that sells the patterns. I did break down and buy the one for the fly nets.

Western would be easy just knit/crochet a panel that fits a western pad size...say 30" x 30" or 32" x 32". You should be able to measure a pad you have now.. If you want padding in it instead of just a saddle blanket you would put over a pad then make it slightly larger then the padding(a felt pad you can buy for under a saddle blanket would be ideal) you plan to use and make two panels and then stitch them together on 3 sides and put the padding in and close up the 4th side....or put velcro on the 4th side so you can change out the padding if you want.

BUT what I would do is felt it. I haven't tried felting yet but found a pattern for a dog bed and another for a leash that I want to try, both are felted. For that you will need to do some trial and error to get the finished felted piece the size you need. Felting makes the piece smaller then before felting so the piece has to be worked larger then the size you need when finished.
thank you. i will try that. i also broke down and bought a book for $1 off amazon (great deal) of 20 horse sewing/knitting/crocheting patterns. i might eventually also buy a pattern for a hunt coat, depending. thank you soo much for your imput and help! have fun try that out!
Cool What is the name of the book? You can get hunt coat patterns from Suitability.
the book is called make your own horse clothing. i will receive it in the next while. it looks good and i have heard good reviews/recommendations for it, so i will try it.
I have that book. Picked it up in a trade awhile back. I have used a few of the patterns out of it. The author has a couple other books that I would like to get.
ok. is it a good book??? which other books are good? i like to make my own horse stuff if possible, cuts down on cost.
Ya it is. The section on how to do the horse blankets is good if you have a hard to fit horse. I had some of the Suitability patterns first and I used the measurements from the book to adjust the suitability blanket pattern for a hard to fit horse. I have also used the english saddle pad pattern.
If you like to sew look into the suitability patterns. They have patterns for a ton of horse stuff. Show clothes, blankets, sleezies, saddle bags, boots, just all kinds of stuff.
ok, sounds good. thanks

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