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To Shoe or Not to Shoe
Thanks for the link. That article does explain the mechanics and movement in the hoof pretty well. However, the article seems to be very one-sided in opposition to shoeing! I believe some horses need shod. Granted, horses in the wild have done, and will do, very well being unshod for millenia. However, our horses today are not wild and free to stand, walk, or run whenever and wherever they choose. When we bring them into our world, we change where, when, and how they walk on their feet. Sometimes they need shoes to help them do what we want them to do. If we all want to turn our horses loose to be free, then we can probably do away with farriers all together!
Not saying you are necessarily preaching barefoot for all horses, but that article seemed to.
Just my 2 cents worth.
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From the creatures in his care." -
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