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Stall Bedding
We use wheat straw for bedding. Not as nice as shavings for picking but at $1.25 a bale it does a good job.

Shavings around here run close to $6.00 per bale.

We use about 12 bales a week for 6 horses stalled overnight with the stalls stripped twice a week.
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I use shavings and they cost 5.49 a bag IF you buy over 10 bags. Otherwise they are 6.89 per bag. When I first started I used to get them for 3.30 a bag!!! They have gone up tremendously like evrything else! My shavings are Pine I believe.
I use the pellets also. I like them better than shavings, but I think they cause more dust than shavings. Just my observation...
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