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Natural Aids ... left or right leg?
[confused][cornfused (I think I'll just have Trix follow the horse in front!!)

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One thing that helps put the body in position for a horse to turn is for the rider to look in the direction they want the horse to turn. Well trained horses sometimes pick up on this right away, and I've used it with great success in teaching my students how to turn a horse. Of course this is in conclusion of everything else that has already been discussed in this topic and the reason why I haven't added much [Smile]. Everyone has been doing such an expert job at saying exactly what I would've said anyway [Wink].

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Originally posted by FLOOPER

[confused][cornfused (I think I'll just have Trix follow the horse in front!!)

You're funny ... thanks for the laugh!!!

It is all kind of confusing. I think over time it'll become clearer. Right not I'm going to stick with moving away from pressure when Western and bending into pressure with the gentleman horse who I ride for lessons. I kind of get some of it but it'lllll alll take time.

But I do appreciate the advice and I'm interestedin learning the finer points. I wish I could find a good Western teacher.

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