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For Ladies Only..
Sports bra (1 piece no hooks kind) one size smaller than usual works good.
Well, I think I got accused of ( I think it was high school humor) last time this was brought up but I just can't resist.[:o)][Big Grin]

Ya'll know we sure do like pictures on this forum.[baghead][clowng]

[}Smile]<--- He made me do it.[Wink]
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Allright giddyup! We know that [}Smile] is hard to resist! [Big Grin]

I also go the two bra route, a good underwire first, then a good sports bra on top. I am not a large woman on top, but dang it, it's still uncomfortable! Not to mention distracting when you are trying to concentrate.
A good rider has a thinking mind, fine emotions and a sensitive hand.-Tu Yu,72 BC

I'm like Giddyupmorgan - not qualified for anything beyond high school humor, so in my small imaginings, this ought to do the trick. Maybe Puddleplasher can chime in with a better informed opinion.[8)]

[Image: female_bp1.jpg]
Hoopski, I think that's a little more underwire support than most ladies can handle. But it looks like it could definately stop the uh, err, unwanted movement. [:I]

Come to think of it though... I could swear that by the end of the day some of my bras have transformed themselves into just such a garment.
A good rider has a thinking mind, fine emotions and a sensitive hand.-Tu Yu,72 BC

Hoopski, I 'll buy that one if it makes me look like that![:X]
Hi there, I have a couple of ENELL BRAS and they do the trick for me, front fastening and the constricxting type, I too am too well endowed when it comes to riding.

hope this helps, think its an american company too.
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Oh you guys are cracking me up! Hoopski I think you've found the best no-bounce solution of all! Ha ha. Thanks to everyone for the help. I checked out some site and couldn't get my size until I found an Enell bra, like Anniepops uses, and ordered the "No Bounce Guaranteed Equestrian" for $58.00. It is VERY comfortable, no wires. There is still some bounce, but it gives about the same support as the no-bounce from Title Nine plus a sports bra over that. It's front closing, fits more like a round-neck T-shirt & flattens. Thanks again for all the input, suggestions and humor. I'm still ROFLMAO! ha ha
hello everyone,
I find the sports bras are still the best, but I am not that big----medium in the cup size. Good luck finding a comfortable answer and good for you to go back to your passion for riding!

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