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my first two horses
Thanks for all the compliments.
We call my gelding Carter, his paper name is Smoke Carter Hall and we call the mare Sandy, her paper name is Smokin' Sanpoernas. They are half brother and sister. We are located in Utah. I moved here about 8 years ago and i consider my self lucky to have those mountains as my back yard. We are not very experienced riders at all but we are quick learners, my gelding pays more attention to what i do with my body than i do, i slouch a little and we stop and i wonder what is going on and then realize im not sitting up straight with my shoulders square same thing if i lean back then he takes off into a trot. I think its great, i help him learn and he helps me learn. We are just going to ride them. I hunt so i'm going to cross train them in packing and we have family that have a horse ranch (that is where my two horses came from) and i have already taken carter a couple of times to herd the brood mares off the mountain. I am also interested in cutting (just for fun not competition) so i will have to see if they will do that.
Congratulations on owning a couple of nice horses. Carter and Sandy, nice working bred horses raised on a ranch, mountains in your back yard , you guys have it made.[^]
Hook(ed)......on Horses

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