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Think I'm over my first hurdle
I rode Ivan today after initially being pretty nervous I throughly enjoyed the ride. We crossed the rode, the river and went up and down a couple pretty steep hills too. He was a really good boy. I'm so happy to have gotten over that fearful feeling. Ivan seems to be the better horse for me. Sophia seems better suited for Wayne. Sophie is also letting up on Ivan and they are often seen nuzzling, lying together and side by side. She is also allowing him to share more human attention and it's been a pleasure getting to know his personality better. Before, you could see he wanted to come get some attention but it wasn't worth crossing Sophia (our alpha mare). Things are going along nicely. Thank you all for always being so supportive. I'm so glad to have found you all on the Daily Equine.[Smile]
Congrats, Beth!

Reaching that point where you have some confidence and can enjoy a ride makes all the work worth it! It sounds like Ivan and Sophia are getting along well too. Good job! [clap]
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Hey Bethany, Congratulations! I'm so glad you are feeling more comfortable. What a great job you've done!


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