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saddles and horses
Rose-9 year old buckskin paso fino about 13.3 hands not broke 600
Rosie-5 year old arabian post legged,dropped fetlocks free
Justin-3 year old grey gelding arabian ready to start 500

Charro sidesaddle 450
english sidesaddle wide tree 200
abetta endurance arabian saddle 250

located in southern indiana
would consider some trading,I want a horse cart or buggy,2 horse trailer,hay
Both Rose horses are leaving this week and I will be keeping Justin just needed 2 gone and the first 2 gone decided which I would keep!Saddles are still for sale.
BethAnn Stewart

Lovie-gypsy vanner
Lad- Clydesdale

Do not take up the warpath without a just cause and honest purpose. Pushmataha-Choctow leader

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