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How's it going Bethany?
How is your training going? Are you the boss yet? Getting more comfortable riding? We need an update please!

I found a western trainer (not an easy task in this area) and I start on Saturday morning. We're about to section off an area at the top of the property so we can keep on horse up there while we work with the other (we don't have room for a ring).

I'm very comfortable on the ground with both horses. More so Sophia. She's more confident and I think she's had a lot more training. Whereas Ivan is more easily startled and actually can be the more challenging of the two. This surprises me because Sophie bosses him around. I'm working with latral movement on the ground. Sophia took to it right away (probably had training with it before) and Ivan is coming along.

Thank you for asking.
I can't wait to hear more about your training.

Sounds like things are coming along. Please keep us posted!

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