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It's gonna get better, right?
Here's a you tube video of a trainer explaining the one rein stop. He also disengages the hindquarters. Hope this helps.
Nancy (and Tag & Rocky)
Free & easy down the trail I go......
Thank you for the link! I WAS doing it wrong! LOL! I was taught to bring my rein down past my knee. But I did know how to disengage the hindquarters and had been doing that just didn't know that fancy name was what I was doing! Now I'm going to look real smart around my hillbilly friend when I tell them that name (I always called it "putting my heel into 'em"!) I will bring my hand up higher on the one rein stop, his explanation made a lot of sense. I'm going to make my kids watch that link too!
Great FREE video Tagnrocky. I love the demonstrations at the end of how it really works. I agree with the others who said you really need to practice, practice, practice until it is just like hitting the brakes on your car and you can do it in an emergency without even thinking about it.

Betheny the ORS (around here its either called curling or flexing) Has helped me alot! For some reason this year my girls have been a tremendouse handfull and I think that the ORS has saved me from more GTA's then I have had... Good luck with it!!
Later Bye Bye
Love & Respect your horse & they will do the same for you!

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