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Beet Pulp?
Sorry I meant MCal for Megacalories. Or I guess you could just same Calories but the math is easier with the MCal. Why I KCal keeps slipping out when I type it I don't know. Maybe because KCal just rolls of the tongue....not that I type with my tongue that is gross. lol
Okay...I tried a mixing a little of the BPin withhis sweet feed yesterday and he wasn't the biggest fan of it but I think he will get used to it.

Thank you for informing me on the choking issue. And he is getting about 2lb of sweet feed and 3 flakes of good grass hay. I have been told that if he is in a growth spurt then he will need lots of Calories in his diet and thatis what got my attention on BP.

Thanks to all for the advice!!


mtn rider, Shyla is gorgeous, what breed is she?
Thanks for the clarification! Now I know why it was confusing for me, it involves math[xx(] Anyway thanks for all the information on beet pulp ect I just might try it out and see how it works.
Well tried the beet pulp on my guys and they were not big fans of it! They nosed it around and took a nibble or two but that was about it. I made sure to soak it for about an half and hour and even added a bit of alfalfa and molassas to entice but no go. I will keep trying though as it seems to have lots of positive benefits from what I have researched not to mention you all here[Big Grin]
Took my gelding a week. Now he loves the stuff.
Unless I use boiling water, mine takes hours to soak.
If you are using the pellets I pictured, they should not resemble pellets at all when finished soaking, they should fall apart, with no hard peices at all. Just soft stuff.
Ride safe, return safe.

Well my piglet(IE Niko) is starting to warm up to the stuff, he will take a few bites and then come back for another taste. Bandit sees Niko trying it and then he gets jealous so he has to try.....getting closer anyway[Wink] Cy is completly grossed out by the whole thing but I think he will come around eventually. I have the shreaded pulp as that was all the feed store had but really swells up nice and absorbs the water great. Not to mention it will be nice when it is really cold to have warm!
Learning something new here daily. Why my vets do not agree I have no idea.

First let me clarify on my choke episode. I was feeding beet pulp soaked very well I was using hot water and it was nice and fluffy. My horse chocked on a piece of apple and the beet pulp sat in her esophogus. When she got tubed the apple went down and up came all the beet pulp. A bunch of it. My vet told me. ( And I know they all have different opinions.) That the Beet pulp made the situation worse.

So I wanted to clarify that all for you Stormie. I really liked beet pulp when I was using it...however I do not dare to use it ever again.

Now I am noticing since I have gotten away from the beet pulp and feeding a sweet feed my horse is getting fat! So I am researching on a new diet of grain for her. I am rather nervous to try Beet pulp again even though she did love it. Also she is a slow eater.
It can take awhile for them to warm up to it but I was shocked by Bevin this morning. Normally foals are worst about eating new things. It took me a month to get her to oats, OATS of all things. Then another month to get her to eat the Alfalfa Pellets. But this morning I caught her eating BP out of Jazz's feeder. Princess Picky Butt won't eat a normal thing like Oats but she will eat BP which most horses need to warm up to??? I think she is just trying to drive me nuts.


To me that would be the apple caused the choke and just wanter else was stuck on the ride. She could have gotten hay or grain backed up too and it would make it worst but not be the fault of that hay or grain. If the BP was soaked it couldn't get any larger in there. I don't think this would make me stop using it and not just because it's about the only thing poor Jazz can have at this point. I just wouldn't view the BP as the fault. But I understand you not wanting to feed it.

BP is higher in MCal then Hay is but not higher then a lot of the grains. BP is around 1.3 and many grains are 1.5 or higher. So you would be adding more Calories but you are also adding a lot of starch and sugar and that turns into fat too.
Hey, Stormy, looks like you've gotten a lot of info. You know what they say about opinions, but I'll throw mine in there too *GRIN* I mostly agree w/ mtn rider. Beet pulp, properly prepared, is one of the safest ways to add calories to your horses. Sweet feed isn't good for them. I can back that up, yes. Rinse the beet pulp shreds, soak for 30 minutes in hot water, rinse again (this will avoid choke in most situations) and feed. You can add minerals, supplements, whatever to it and not take a chance on an overweight horse with metabolic problems when your Appy is older - sweet feed CAN lead you down that road. Horse people all have their opinions, as do vets, but the way to feed in the future will be smarter, not more expensive. Don't add crap you don't need. Buy the new NRC book and see what your horses actually needs rather than being tempted to throw all those expensive supplements at them. Beet pulp, hay, flax, salt, magnesium, vitamin E, a probiotic and you're almost there. My info also comes from a noted equine nutritionist. I'd be happy to share if you PM me, the vets in my area like beet pulp, especially for old, toothless - or metabolically challenged - horses. My QH/Arab cross choked several times on pelleted horse feed but never on beet pulp. Hope your Appy grows well, take care, Amy
PS Atrayou, I have a Cushing's/IR pony and an IR mini - try getting a vet on board with the latest and best to do for THAT! Best of luck, keep trying!
Originally posted by Misty1
Beet pulp, properly prepared, is one of the safest ways to add calories to your horses. Sweet feed isn't good for them. I can back that up, yes. Rinse the beet pulp shreds, soak for 30 minutes in hot water, rinse again (this will avoid choke in most situations) and feed.

It may take a extra few minutes in the barn to properly prepare the Beet Pulp but that’s why I have my horses to spend time with them.
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