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best synthetic/cordura saddle brands?
what is the best synthetic/cordura brand saddle and why is it the best? i need one for trail riding with a 7 inch gullet and a 16 inch seat and a cheyenne roll cantle. what kind of tree do they use? how long do they last? which ones have you found are defintely not good brands?
I'm not a fan of synthetic saddles, but that being said, I think the Fabtron is probably one of the best. It is a well made, long lasting saddle. Not positive, but I believe Fabtron makes their own trees. Chuck would probably know for sure.

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I have heard good things about Big Horns and Abettas. Check out the horse tack review website, they have good reviews about these saddles. I believe that the site address is horsetackreviewdotcom.

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