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I'm back in the saddle
I am so excited, I just had to share this with you!! You know my struggles, my defeats, my challenges. I just have a difficult time giving up. Just when I was about totally mentally exhausted and ready to raise the white flag, one of the gals at our stable, a very knowledgeable horsewoman I've always admired from afar, who has watched my struggles with Newt the past year approached me. She came up to us one day while I was brushing Newt asked if she could make a suggestion. We talked for a few minutes (I could not believe she wanted to talk with ME of all people!)and within two days, we had made an agreement where she would give us some lessons - however, we only had 29 days as she would be practicing for her barrel racing rodeo season after that. My goal was to be able to trot around and in circles in the open arena by summer's end. That's all. Really petty stuff for most, but extremely huge for us. She spent 8 hours over two weeks in the saddle getting acquainted with Newt, and after three weeks or maybe 10 hours learning and watching her, maybe 3 hours in the saddle, I achieved my goal last night. I did it!! My smile was so big, I still have it! What an awesome feeling indeed.

She taught me to overcome my fear of Newt: Now he respects me, we have a new bit that he really likes, I have learned how to sit deep in the saddle, RELAX, use my legs, and work with light hands. With the old TomThumb bit, he was like turning a loaded boxcar. Now, he responds at the slightest pressure on the split reins with my pinkies and waits for ME to tell him what to do. It is so awesome, I've never known this feeling in the saddle before, My coach can't believe I've come this far in such a short while - she is really excited at my determination and with what we've accomplished, and says we will be great together! I just had wanted to share my excitement and know I'm back in the saddle again. Yeeha!

Remember those folks that played all those mean tricks, pranks, and talked down to me before? Well, NOW they are actually coming up to us at the end of our lessons, and congratulating me on how well we are doing. I just wanted you to know we've done a 180 and all because one person wanted to give back to someone the things she has learned over the years, look what we have achieved! Awesome!

I'm glad that you got some needed help to re-establish your relationship with Newt.

Make sure that your coach/trainer gives you some exercises to do in her absence to maintain the momentum..


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A cowgirl's motto: Never give up! Good for you! Congratulations on your success with Newt.
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Enjoy the ride!!![Big Grin][clap]
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Yeah!! When the pupil is ready the teacher arrives. : )

Will she be able to continue helping you when she comes back-this sounds like a great arrangement.
Nothing can beat the feeling of accomplishment! Congrats to you and Newt!

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Congrats. [clap]

It sounds like you & Newt are becoming a team and doesn't that feel GOOD? LOL!!
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