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Riding Lesson
I've started taking riding lessons AND voice lessons again. Talk about humble pie!

Last night's voice lesson was all about how to breathe ( I had voice training in HS and college). I was sweating by the time I left my 30 minute lesson. LOL

I'm doing a lot of riding work using centered riding stuff. I've realised that my first reaction to anything that makes me nervous is to squeeze myself out of the saddle and to pull my legs up-instead of reaching down and around the horse like I should.

When I came home and started using this on Bunny it's amazing how she calms down when I drop my legs and put my weight in my seat-she's a different horse on the trail!

...going to pull out my helmet after this dicsussion.
Today was my 2nd lesson. It was on a 24 year old buckskin gelding who I liked alot.

He was ready to go and had a very good forward motion, I didn't have to squeeze him to death to keep him moving. We just walked and trotted and practiced a one rein stop.

She corrects me often about my hands on the reins, but told me I have good hands. When I asked how I have good hands if I am always getting corrected, she said my hands stay 'quiet' when they are in place but if I need to stop or turn they get all over the place.

Very true. Instructions meet hands. Hands go crazy.

She said I have good seat and good hands, so I left feeling a bit less humble than I did last week. I need to work on my fluidity with the reins.

We played the 'passenger game' on this horse, where I let him go where ever he wanted, he just could not stop and I could not use the reins. This horse only tried to stop one time, he really likes to keep moving. The horse is allowed to pick the direction and the gait thankfully he stayed at a brisk walk.

That will be fun to try on Joe. I am anxious to have her out to give me a lesson on Joe.

So, she was just feeling you out in that first lesson[Smile]. I'd say that you're going to get along just fine from here on out[Wink].

"God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses"
--Robert Browning

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
-- Author Unknown
Sounds like a good lesson! I still go for lessons with Ed when I can; he trained Butterbrickle, and, believe me, he had a much easier time teaching her, than me! He is always having to remind me to use my seat correctly, and telling me where to position my hands. It is sometimes hard for me to focus.

EZ, it is hard for me to focus too. While she is talking I have to stop myself from playing with the horse.[:I]


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