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Ration Balancers- before and after
We use a small amount of Oats to supplement the ration balancer with good success.

The total mount of grain we feed in probably less than half than before we switched to the ration balancer. The feed bill is much less and all are in very good health. We don't recommend the pre-mixed feed as it is hard to ensure the horse gets the full measure of the vitamins and minerals required without adding excess weight. They are usually more expensive then using oats to balance their energy need. We just add more oats when they are being used / worked more to maintain the desired weight. With a premix when you add more feed you also tend to add too much of the vitamins and minerals.

Their overall health is so much improved, our vet bills for health related things have dropped to zero and we are convinced that all the little scrapes and cuts are healing much more quickly due their improved immune system

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I know this is a OLD thread but you can add ANY unfortified product to a ration balancer it does not have to be oats... you can use beet pulp, alfalf pellets/cubes, BOSS, rice bran just depends on what you are trying to accomplish and what works best for your horses
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