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Ration Balancers- before and after
I started Bunny on a ration balancer and took her off all grain the last week of February. She just bloomed ( I can't think of another way to describe it )-she started to get dappling in her mousy borwn coat ( she's a red dun, not a speck of white anywhere) and the dappling showed even through the remains of her winter coat. Her mane is growing out and her skin and eyes just look healthy.

My FIL commented at what a pretty color she is ( huh!?!?! she s plain brown horse ![cornfused )

Now she's in with one of hubby's fillies, which is supposed to be temporary [V] and they are on straight oats for the time being (it's just easier not to fight with him or feed them separately) the dappling has faded and I'm noticing bumps in her skin. I know she has sensitive skin and the oats seem to be exacerabting it.

I can't wait to get her back on her RB again!!!!
Which one did you have her on?
_(( // ====

I'm using the Buckeye-green/blue bag ( lower protein ). I looked into the Purina Mare/Maintenance which is less expensive but even our Purina store has trouble keeping it in. I'm not big on planning ahead and I don't like trying to store feed for very long. The Buckeye is always in stock.
Say, Annie with your experience with dogs, is there an equivalent ration balancer for dogs? (or recommended vitamin & mineral supplement.)
Hook(ed)......on Horses

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Regarding ration balancers, I've had my horses on Buckeye Grow N Win for about 10 months now.

All three did great on it through the summer and fall. During the winter, however, I needed to add several pounds of oats for the younger mares. They were not holding their weight well on just the Grow N Win and hay. Both are gaining weight now, and I hope to be able to cut out most or all of the grain by summer.

Here's something kind of odd that (we think) has happened to Annie. She is a 14 y/o Missouri Fox Trotter who has always been a very easy keeper and somewhat overweight. We were just feeding her hay, and just a tiny amount of grain to mix her cosequin with (arthritis). She only got maybe a quarter of a cup a day. However, since we switched them all off of the sweet feed and are now feeding Purina Born To Win (about 3/4 cup twice a day for Annie) she has actually lost some weight and looks and is moving better than she ever has. I think it has kind of boosted her metabolism a little. Sort of like when you go on a starvation diet, your metabolism will shut down to conserve fat. So far we are very happy with the results on Born To Win.
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For a minute there I thought you were talking about me ! LOL ( actually I WISH you were talking about me as I'm definately an easy keeper who could use metabolism boost )

Hook- for dogs..... I keep all of mine on a maintenance level food ( we use Hund and Floken ) that is rice and either chicken or lamb based.

There isn't really a ration balancer for dogs per se but Solid Gold's Missing Link is the very best nutrient additive I've found.

They make one for horses too. I was using that for Squirt last year with good results.

Annie ( the to legged one! )
Hmeyer, that is what happened with my 17 year old mare...she lost a little weight, and looks better than she has in a few years. Anything added to her feed just ends up in the bottom of her bucket; she's very picky! So I started giving her a Majesty's Flex Wafer every day. No waste, and I could see her moving better within 2 weeks.

But the ration balancer, alone, is just not enough for my younger horses. Although Warsong did fine on it last summer, as long as grass was plentiful.


Buckeye also has some grains that has it mixed right in so you don't have to go with the oats and you might end up feeding less of something like this then the RB with Oats.
That is something I will look into! It IS a hassle mixing everything together.


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