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Should she be fat?
My husband thinks Bunny should be fatter. We haven't been able to ride for about 8 weeks but up until then she was getting out for light workouts 3-4 times a week.

She's been on free choice hay ( her own bale) and 3 lbs of oats with some suppliments. I just swtiched her over to the ration balancer this week ( 1 lb/day, 11% protein ).

Bunny has lived with us for 10 months and her weight just doesn't fluxuate. She stays at a very normal weight with a decent fat cover over her ribs. ( not fat but not thin )

Hubby thinks she should be chubby since she's had all this time off and wants me to give her a protein block and start her on corn! ( that's not happening )I will worm her since she's due.

Should horses gain weight when they aren't worked?

Our horses stay the same weight pretty much year round. When they are worked they tighten up and put on muscle but they have the same fat covering over their ribs all year round.

Make sure you are feeding the ration balancer as per the instructions. If you can run your hand over her ribs and feel them when you push then she is good. If you don't have to push to feel ribs then you need more weight. If you need extra, then add a pound or so of oats a day. You can also add some oil, it helps with coat and also adds extra calories.

As long as your hay is a good quality hay I don't know why you would need to add a protein block. If you think you need more protein then add some alfalfa hay or alfalfa cubes.

Worming is good. You may want to look at doing the Panacur 5 day power pac. That is a good way to get rid of all worms out of her system. Also, have her teeth checked.

Does she have acsess to loose mineral and loose salt? Sometimes our horses will eat lots of the mineral and other times they go for months without touching it.

We keep our program really simple. Ration balancer, with oats if they need more calories. Good quality hay, loose mineral and loose salt. The only horse that gets any supplements is Ed's old games mare who is heavey and she needs them to be able to breathe.
Fat is not healthy for a horse. Many health problems can rear up when a horse puts on too much weight. Tell hubby he should be happy she isn't the type to gain weight at a drop of a hat. I know that many use the term "Easy Keeper" for the ones that gain weight on air but personally I think that it should be for horses like Bunny. They keep at a health weight without getting too thin or too fat. That is a horse that is easy to work with. The ones that put on weight really easy are a lot harder to deal with.

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