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New Member, just saying hi
Originally posted by Hook

Hi Tigger. Welcome to the Forum from Southern, Ontario. Nice shots of ?????, ???? and ????. ( just a not so subtle hint that horse names are nice[Wink][Wink])

Yeah, I guess it's nice to know these things, huh? The Haflinger is Spirit, the Belgian X is Star and the Shetland is Sonny. It has been observed that we managed to find mounts for all of us that all came with "S" names... lol!
A welcome from Newfoundland, Canada. Looking forward to posts all the way from Alaska. Good looking equines you have there, Tigger. Cheers
A lovely horse is always an experience...It is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words. Beryl Markham
Riding is a complicated joy. You learn something each time. It is never quite the same, and you never know it all. Monica Dickens
Originally posted by beccajane

Welcome! I would love to hear how you cope with living in Alaska with horses! Plus I would like to see pictures too!

Lots of layers! When we went out the other night, it was about 10 below with the wind chill. I had on a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt & my Carhart jacket. Then I had on thermal drawers & flannel lined Carhart jeans. My only mistake was wearing my regular boots with a single layer of socks. I even had on two pair of gloves! I almost frostbit my toes, so I have to remember to wear my Sorel boots from now on!

A few weeks ago we had 35 below temps and we had to double-blanket the pony with bare hands. The other two do fine without blankets, even at that temp. I sometimes blanket my mare but it's more for my peace of mind than anything else. It tends to annoy her more than anything!

We are looking forward to riding a lot more this spring. We spent about 5 hours in the barn today. (My mother has spent the day with our three kids so we had uninterrupted time... yay!) We spent a fair amount of time letting the two big ones get used to each other. We just brought the gelding home last weekend and my mare tends to show a lot of dominance, so we weren't sure how it was going to go. It went off without a hitch! We blanketed both of them so if they kicked no one would get hurt severely and we lead them out on lines, then let them loose and waited for the fireworks. LOL! We waited for nothing. They checked each other out, hopped around a bit, nipped here and there, and then they stood around looking at each other and us. Needless to say, we worried more than we needed to. But it's always better to be safe than sorry. Then I took my mare out for a short jaunt outside of the yard, followed by my husband taking his gelding around the arena a few times. It's been a good day!

Here's a picture of our barn in the spring:

[Image: eddf8061.jpg]
Mighty nice looking Igloo, I mean barn! Just kidding! I love your mare...the haflinger/QH cross makes for a quite nice looking horse! I like your husbands choice too. Very nice looking horses. Our temps here in Indiana have been in the teens, but not for any extended period. And I thought I was freezing! I admire your dedication! My brother was stationed in Fairbanks for 2 years. He had to plug his truck in to be able to start it in the mornings! Thank you for sharing and I'd love to hear more!
Like the picture of the barn. Colour contrasts with red barn, green roof and white moulding coordinates really well. Nice looking paddocks too.
Hook(ed)......on Horses

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