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Pro's and Con's of adding saddle silver
Thank you for your input, believe me it really helps! After looking at the photos myself it does look to far forward to me too. When I rode that day it didnt feel quite right either. I am pretty sure the saddle bars fit him right as I did get the templete off the saddle fitting guide (that is how I found this forum, thanks!) and he was a regular wide which is suprizing considering he is a arabian. I just got this saddle as a gift and really thought he should have full quarter bars but my parents got me one with semi-quarter bars! Anyway after trying it on him I was pretty surprized how well it fit him. The angle is perfect for his back when I had the saddle a bit farther back. My old saddle was a older tex tan quarterhorse bars and was to narrow for him. Before I did my research I had no clue how bad the fit was! Live and learn I guess. That being said I think it is ok but will post another pic when I have it sitting on his back properly just in case. It really was a good fit the last few times I tried it!
As far as a bridle, nothing for show yet! I just ride with a eggbutt snaffle on a english bridle, after all he is still a baby, and since he is mine I will decide when I think he is ready for a curb and will probally only go there if I do decide to show.
So the silver would be nice but will make sure it will look right before commiting to add it! Oh and Red Hawk, I would but that would require more money! I really am happy with the saddle so will decide if I want to add it or not when the pieces come in. Anyway, thanks for your input[Big Grin]
Sorry about that, rydn. I went back and reread your original post and realized I misunderstood what silver pieces you were going to add[:I]. My mistake. I'm also glad that your saddle fits your horse okay. It does make a difference where you have it placed on the horse's back[Wink].
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Geez I need to mellow out on the exclamation points, sorry[:I] I was also thinking that the corner plates might be a bit much for the tooling too, will see. From the description they are pretty much just the edge, if I don't like it I will just re-sale what I don't want or don't use. Oh and Red Hawk no need for a sorry! Had to add a exclamation point there[Wink] Anyone have thoughts on a horn cap? Does it damage the horn? Thanks
I don't think a horn cap would damage the horn...but who sees it besides the rider? Usually not very visible from the ground, unless it is a really small horse, or a very tall judge.


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