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Glad to hear you are not "in love" with this horse. If you are to enjoy horses again I would suggest another mount. One with "no buck" in him. It will be easier to enjoy and make horse ownership a pleasureable experience.
My horses try to teach me something every day.
Located just outside of Cookeville, TN. I can't purchase another horse until I sell this one and don't know who to begin to sell this one!

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Originally posted by PaintGal

Welcome to the board!

IMO, if you are not an experienced rider, you do not need a horse that bucks and can't even be shod without sedation. He has some big holes in his "training". There are too many good horses for sale to take a chance on getting hurt by one that is nuts.

Where are you located? Maybe someone on the board knows of a decent horse you might like.

It could also depend on the quality of the hay you are feeding. This year do to drought I had to buy a lot of plain grass/prairie hay because bermuda just did not grow well this year so I have to adjust my grain feeding based on the nutrients in my hay. If hay is only prarie and is not sprayed or fertilized than he may need additional for vitamins, etc.

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