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Feed Question-corn
Bunny is on 3lbs of oats plus a few suppliments -Red Cell, Farriers Secret, Missing Link Joint Support.

Hubby wants me to give her a couple of ears of field corn ( we have TON'S still in the field ) with her regular feed for the winter.

Will this hype her up? I'm still riding a couple of times a week and I like her nice and quiet. [Smile]

He wants it to help her keep weight on -hasn't been a problem yet but we haven't had prolonged cold yet either- and to help her grind her teeth down ( also not a big issue with her, her teeth were in good shape the last time the vet was out).



I am not a big fan of corn for horses. If it is processed in their pellets, fine, I'll take it (not in large quantities).

But it is not easily digestible whole and it does tend to 'heat' them up. I tend to avoid it whenever possible. And it certainly needs to be off the cob to avoid choke.

That is just my personal preference.

That's what I was thinking. OK no more corn! : )
Besides that, corn can harbor a mold or fungus (can't remember which or what it is called) that can be fatal. As I understand it, the feed companies can screen for it...but you'd not be able to do that with corn left over in the field.

and hay will fatten up and keep them warmer as long as the horse is healthy.
Wow that made little sense!! In winter when it's cold add more hay to the diet. This keeps them warmer then any type of 'grain'.
The field corn would be great if you like to deer watch.

Deer carry CWD out here -no need to encourage them to cross the fence ! : )

One of our brood mares is down with some form of food poisoning ( vet's best guess at this point)-they are out on the corn stock fields. It's been a rough couple of days and she's still in very bad shape but at least back on her feet.

Definately not giving corn to Bunny after this!
I added corn oil to my studs grain to fatten him up --it did wonders and boy did it put a nice shine on his coat!!!
Dorthy Brown
Hi Annie [Smile] I'm not sure where you're located, but here in south-eastern Ontario, Canada, we had a REALLY wet fall. Our corn crops were therefore pretty much garbage. It was mentioned in another post, but moldy corn actually contains mycotoxins, such DON, aka vomitoxin (guess what that one does to you!). At lower levels, it will cause animals to go off feed and become lethargic, and at higher levels can be much more toxic. As mentioned, reputable feed companies rigorously test each truckload of corn before formulating their diets, and have cut-off levels for how much mycotoxins are acceptable for livestock feeds (ruminants can handle higher levels). This might not be applicable if you had a dry fall, but nonetheless I would be cautious! [Smile]

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