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Teeth (and more foot stuff)
Vet was out to float teeth on J-Lo and Bunny this morning ( naturally it was 30 degrees and the wind was blowing!! ).

J-Lo's was an issue of baby teeth coming out -she's 4. One she just lost so he pulled the one on the other side.

Neither needed much in the way of filing.

SO... that leaves us with a mystery on Bunny. She is very stiff on her right side; has a tough time flexing that way, taking that lead etc. This is also the same side as her club foot. When the vet tried to open her mouth with the speculum he could barely get her jaw open on that side. But no pain response like there was a problem with the TMJ-just really stiff.

He's thinking there was a trauma to her right forequarters at one point in her life that may have caused both the club foot and the stiffness.

He kind of freaked me out though-he really thinks that club foot should be xrayed and that she may have ring bone low in that foot ( what does this mean????) and that she may start having lots of arthritic problems in the next few years. Please telll me this isn't the case!

She's never been lame ( for me) and her chest and shoulder muscles have even tone and developement on both sides.

I'm thinking I want her examined by a chiroprator now -especially for the neck /poll stiffness since we now know her teeth are fine.


Thanks! Annie

P.S. she's a cheap date! He gave J-Lo the same dose of sedative but it really knocked Bunny out and barely affected J. LOL

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