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Yes friends, I have finally joined Club FIGMOH (Finally, I Got My Own Horse)! I bought her several months back, but didnt post any pictures as she looked a bit rough when I got her. Now she looks a heck of a lot better, but I have discovered that it is very difficult to photograph a horse, especially when you are trying to show them off and make them look good! She wasn't much to look at, but she was healthy, sound, not pushy, and most important, never fought me. In the last 6 months this horse has taken me from almost ready to give up, to loping around bareback. In our first show, we got two firsts and a second (in Pleasure, Command and Equitation respectively), and that is from someone who consistently finished in last place, if at all! That is how much this horse has helped me. I have to say it was well worth it for me to buy a horse that was well broke and been there done that, no matter what it looks like!
Congrats!! She sounds great! Now you just have to post a pic and show her off to us......LOL
Rock-A-Way Pete: 1985-2006 My best partner.....I love you Pete!
O-Hi's Mountain Maggie: the new girl in town.

Once you tell us her name, post a picture or three and promise to keep us up-to date on your adventures I will make you a full-fledged member of HAA.[:o)]

Did I say we NEED pictures[Wink][Smile]
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I found a new smiley, and this looks like a good place to try it out. Hope it works,,,,,,

[Image: eusa_needpics.gif]
Ride safe, return safe.


We love to see before and after pics. I have posted a few of the horses I own, which have had "lifestyle improvements", resulting in healthier horses. Everyone loves a success story, please go ahead and post any pics you would like us to see.
Ride safe, return safe.

OK, I have them uploaded to photobucket, here's hoping I do this right. Here she is the day I bought her:
[Image: Ruby-March06.jpg]
Yikes! I'd almost forgotten what she used to look like. Here she is about 6 weeks later, in May.[Image: RubyEarlyMay.jpg]
And here she is today - please disregard the sweat marks, and also that the pics were taken by an 8 year old!
[Image: Oct820061.jpg]

[Image: Oct820062.jpg]
She is a nice looking horse. Looks like you found yourself a treasure.

The horses that have had a hard life, really appreciate and respond to good care and humane handling. They seems to say "I know just how hard things can be out there and I will try my very best so you will be happy with me and keep me forever"

Keep up the good work, and what a difference in the before and after pictures!!
I think that the eight yr old took some very nice pics for you!
Thank you for posting them.

She looks much improved with the extra wieght. Nice shiny healthy looking coat too. Looks like she gets lots of love and attention.

FIGMOH, congratulations!
Ride safe, return safe.


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