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Spooky Horse
We had some changing weather this weekend and in an effort to move the horses out of the pasture i've had my daughter help me. My daughter is pretty experienced with horses but still is quite timid. I led chloe out of the pasture and told her to wait til i could get to sweetheart. Sweetheart is young and wind terrifies her at times, and sunday we had some big gusts sweeping through. Theresa decided to just walk her out, and of course a big gust of wind hit them. Sweetie was almost on top of her dancing around, thankgoodness i was only about 30 feet away, i've learned in these situation with sweetie she needs to have a strong hand and attitude handling her. Once i got to her and started leading her she calmed down and no later mishaps getting her back to the leanto. IT was easy to for me to see how dangerous leading even a normally calm horse could be.

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