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Bad Thunder storm with Lightning!
Okay at 5AM this morning I went out to the barn and put the horse's into their stalls. We were having the Thunder storm of the century! Lightning was striking very close! I had a tree in my yard get hit and it dropped. Here is my question How safe are the horses in a lightning storm? I have a lightning rod on top of the barn but this morning it was too close for comfort. Down right scarey! The way I have it set up now until I get 2 new stalls in this spring is that we are going to use the lean-too for my mare's stall....this lean too is fully enclosed. It has doors on each end of it. My Fiancee just put a large window in there with metal bars and used plexi glass, now there is light in there when it is all closed up. But my mare does not like being away from the others that get put into the barn. I have tried to put my mare in the barn but the quarter horse and the old Standardbred have been together for 8 years. The old standardbred works himself right into a lather if he doesn't see his buddy. At his age I do not want to even attempt one night with my mare and him in the barn. ( as the old guy and my mare do not like each other at all. ) Anyway my concern is the lightning stuff. And in the winter months when I close my mare up into the lean-to will she be okay in there. She will not be able to see the others but she can hear them if they call out to each other. Sometimes they all use the lean-to well and other times one is left out to get soaked. Last night it was my mare that was left out. I should have just brought her inside. but the old horse loves his stall and wanted in....besides at 29 years old I want him to feel comfortable and safe. So that's my dilemma.
As far as haying them they have a round bale feeder so they all eat out of that fine. It is when I have to put hay in the hay racks on nights that the weather is bad that will cause issues. Si instead I will just stall them. I am going to try to start stalling them at night to get her used to being in that lean-to and not in the barn. My lean-to is awesome and large enough for her to lay down or whatever she wants. Do lightning rods really work? Are the horses safer inside when these types of storms hit?
I would say they are definitely safer inside the barn, especially one with lightning rods, than they would be standing out in a field. Only problem I could see in a barn would be if it were hit and caught fire, but of course those kinds of dangers would always be around. What's good is if you live on the same farm, you would be able to keep an eye on things. Our problem is we live about 5 miles from our barn, so we can't keep a constant eye on them. Nevertheless, inside is always better than outside in a lightning storm.
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