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Mane -HELP!!!
Bunny has a lovely dark red mane that is over a foot her withers! The rest of it is a scruffy awful mess because she rubs it down to the skin.

I have tried putting salve on the part she rubs bare, tried keeping it braided. It grows to about 3 or 4 inches and then she finds a way to rub it off again.

Hubby thinks once the weather gets really cold she will stop but I want her to have a long lovely mane all the way up her neck and to keep it!

What can I do!

My filly did the same thing. She has a beautiful white mane that has about a fourinch bald spot. I've tried just about everything, recently a friend told me to try shapely's mtg. It's been about 2 weeks and the mane ifs finally growing at least enough to cover the bald spot.
Make sure that it isn't a skin issue or bugs or something like that. Try to take out anything she is rubbing on. Keep it clean and conditioned, skin too.
Shapely's Mtg? Where do I find this?

Stormie- I think it IS a skin issue. She tends to have very thin skin and reacts strongly to any irritants. She's rubbing on fence posts so getting everything out is not an option. : )

I know it's not bugs but she does seem to do this in 6 week cycles.

What kind of skin conditioners? Like Cowboy Magic?

My filly's skin has always been dry, so i've used for that before. I buy it at my tack shop. IT runs around ten dollars a large bottle. here is a link It is also good for other skin ailments such as fungus, rain rot. IT's been called rogaine for horses, it doesn't work for all but it's worth a try.
Just a warning on mtg, it is sulfur based and smells like bacon fat. I hate the smell, but it has worked for me. For hair growth you put it at the base of the mane and tail rub weekly. It's also great for dog skin problems too.

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