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sit on pockets or not?
I ride in what I call "sitting on my pockets". To me, it means to allow my feet to drift slightly forward. Not actually sitting on your pockets - but, instead similar to Red Hawk's pic. I am a trail rider only and very comfortable this way (feet slightly forward, pelvis slightly tucked under me). I've been riding many years and prefer to keep this bareback postition even when in the saddle. My saddle does allow for this way of sitting. Many saddles do not. I feel no stress on my knees, ankles, hips or back. I have been very capable of dancing with a spooky horse and keeping my seat and stirrups.
Just a quick note: I know I've said it before, but the reason my stirrup length looks so long is because I have bad knees. When I ride for long periods of time, I can't take a lot of bend in my knees without experiencing mild pain and discomfort.

I think we should consider our own "confirmations" when sitting the saddle and just enjoy the ride the best we can.[Smile]
"You never know til you know for sure and even then its hard to tell."
I was taught to 'sit on my pockets' when I was converting from Saddle Seat to Western. I was used to keeping my weight too far forward ( on my pubic bone ) it worked in a park saddle ( which tends to sit farther back thatn a Western saddle)but not in a western saddle.

My Dad used to yell at me for sitting down in a saddle so it took me awhile to get where my weight should be.

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