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Wind Sucker?
I think my mare could possibly be a wind sucker? Why do they do this? I have noticed that since she has arrived and she does those things I mentioned after treats...BUT NOT WITH HAY....I have noticed that there are small pieces of wood missing from the window sill in the lean to. I have watched her put her top teeth on the sill and pull is only a few pieces...I am thinking if she is in fact a cribber that there would be way more damage???
Also her ground mannors have seemed to improve this week. She has been greeting me at the barn door. But then the other 2 horses push her out of the way...this is a pain in the Butt...every time I want to work with her I have to stall them or put them on the other side. She lets me go out and ctach her and never runs off. I have been tying her to the hitching post and she seems to do better that way,She is lifting her feet better. I sprayed her with fly spray not a flinch, I clean her eyes out with clam eyes and cotton balls no problem.....I am giving her mixed signals on the lounge lessons though I just know it so I have to rethink my lessons very carefully. We have measured her and feel she needs a 15 inch bit.....also My Fiancee' is going to buy me a new saddle....Any suggestions? I am thinking a light Windteck....( spelling error ). I want to continue to ride her while I give her ground work even if it is just for a few minutes, practicing mounting and dismounting. She was standing still for me to mount now all of a sudden she walks on as soon as I put my foot in the stirup and pull myself this is what I am going to work on with her....Funny she just started doing this. She really is a good girl....I have gotten more stern with her and I have gotten better results. She is not pushing her weight around anymore.
Question when she comes to me she has her ears back a little bit....NOT pinned back as I have seen her do this with the other horses they are just back and not straight up or sideways. yesterday I saw her pin them back at one of the other horses he was like 30 feet awat and then she kicked but he was far I have seen them pinned....her ears being back a little bit does that mean she is paying attention to me when she is walking up to me? I am just trying to learn how to read those ears....
She could very well have a throat problem when she someone mentioned before. She does not always lay down after an apple or carrot but she does always do the neck stretching thing. Again not with hay though....I do not know alot about her history and everything I have been told seems to be a lie so I am learning her on my own. I am loving her more and more. So the answer is YES I will invest whatever time and money I need to in her. I really think she has potential. I am hoping to spend some time with her today. I will post more at the end of the day and let you all know what I have done with her, and how she acted today.....I am doing the best that I can with fear of her has gone away, since I am alot more stearn with her I think she is getting the message that when she is with me it is time to pay attention. I really think that it is her attention her old home she was just a horse in the pasture fending for she is getting more contact and has a job. She is like a little kid....seeing ewhat she can and can not do....LOL....I am rambling is just that I want so badly to do well with her. She really is not a mean horse. I bet my life on it if she were alone here her and I would have a great I would be her herd.
Good for you, Atrayou[thumbsup]. I'm so glad that you are standing up to her a being more firm[Smile]. It does make a difference.

I have to laugh at how wide your mare's mouth is[Big Grin]. 15 inches[:O]??? I know that has to be a typo. Terra's mouth is just a hair smaller than the average. Most bits are 5", and Terra takes a 4 1/2" bit.

I'll let someone else answer your other questions, but it sounds like you're over the hump and are finally the herd leader. Way to go[clap][clap][clap]!
"God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses"
--Robert Browning

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
-- Author Unknown
Just repeating a previous note, I think the neck-stretching and lip-curling after a treat is just Flehmen, which a lot of horses do when they have had something yummy, and doesn't seem like something to worry about. It's the lying down part of her "snack" behavior that's puzzling.

Good job on being stern... "stern" is a good word for it, not mean, just firm. Sounds like she's starting to figure out what she can't get away with.

Also, remember, wood chewing and cribbing/wind sucking are two different things. Wood chewing and wrecking her stall could just be boredom. Hard to tell which it is without seeing her do it, though.
"You learn a thing a day, you store up smart" - Festus Haggen

"A man’s soul can’t be hidden,
From the creatures in his care." -
Hard Candy Cowboy by Debra Meyer

I've never really seen a wind sucker. My 8 year old mare after getting a treat she really likes, sometimes even with hay i will get a curl of the lip and where she shows her teeth. IT's pretty freakish to see, but it's what i call "Happy horse". She doesnot do it everytime, sometimes she will do it if she is just happy to see me. Sweetheart my 2 year old filly was a chewer though til i found some stall toys for her. I bought those horsie pops and she just loves them, she has her salt lick and a hanging apple she plays with, no more chewing.
Originally posted by paintedbliss

sometimes even with hay i will get a curl of the lip and where she shows her teeth.

That lip curling behavior is the Flehman response that puddleplasher is talking about.
"You learn a thing a day, you store up smart" - Festus Haggen

"A man’s soul can’t be hidden,
From the creatures in his care." -
Hard Candy Cowboy by Debra Meyer

OOopps yes BIG typo error....LOL hehehehe too funny....her bit is 5 inches.....LOL hehehe OMG 15 inches would be a hippo bit right....LOL hehehehe.

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