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Foot and skin issues
I've been reading Atrayou's stuff on her mare and we are having similar things here. Bunny has waht the farrier has labelled a club foot ( not bad though ) probably had it since birth.

She's been barefoot for two months and her feet are improving. I've been using Horseshoer's secret, Missing Link and red cell. She gets three pounds of oats a day and free feed hay. She's in a lot-not stalled. Right now her lot is muddy because we just had lots of rain.

I paint her soles with Venice Turpentine a couple of times a week and Hooflex on the outside.

Her club foot has very deep bars ( sides of the frog) and I notice a slightly bad smell when I clean it out. The frog is firm but a bit atrophied. Her soles are very uneven on both front feet so she picks up small stones in the crevaces of the sole that I pick out daily.

She's still tender on gravel and get's flaky soft white spots and line on the soles ( bruises?).

Should I be treating for thrush? Anything else I can do to get her soles in better shape?

Her rear feet look pretty healthy. Her front feet are a different story.
Oh and I forgot the other thing. She has what looks like cradle cap in babies.

It itches. She's rubbed off her mane in spots and she's rubbed a bit spot a the top of her tail.

The spots are crusty and a bit oozy and only appear along the midline of her body-along her back and neck and and under her belly in the cetner.

I'm treating the spots as they pop up but I really think this is an internal thing that I need to be treating from a more holistic standpoint.
The smell makes me think that perhaps she does have a touch of thrush. If you can get her out of the wet lot for a few days and treat the thrush she'd probably get over that pretty quickly.

Not sure what the skin issues might be. It could be nutritional in origin or it might be a bug problem.
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The smell has been there pretty much all the time even when her lot is bone dry. She doesn't have any black ooze just really deep bars and a faint wiff off that nasty oder.

The skin thing-we've ruled out parasites. Esepcially because it's not all over just on her midline.
Could the skin thing be something like rain rot? I don't know much about it but I understand it's most common along the midline...


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