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Gelding and mare in heat??
[?]I am really new to this..I bought a Gelding and he is boarded with my friends mare..She is now in heat and parading her stuff..I am afraid to enter the arena to get them out and into their stalls..Can I get hurt seperating them? He is acting very weird..This is very new and would appreciate any information you have..[?]
I agree. A gelding and a mare in heat can be dangerous if you're not careful. Even through the fences our geldings like to show off their stuff to the mares in heat who get fussy in return. Typically, we do have mares in heat in fields with geldings, just because it happens that way. Just don't spook yourself out about it, usually I find that they are only really frisky with one another when you're putting them out after being separated, etc. They tend to be pretty calm after being in the field with one another all day.

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